Swarovski Pearl

Swarovski Pearl

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Our pearl trainloop is made with 2 Swarovski pearls, each measuring 10mm in diameter.

Trainloop redefines how to hook or bustle up the train of your wedding dress.

Easy to put on your wedding dress. No sewing is required


A memory to last forever

The Trainloop can be kept and cherished in it's beautiful box or may also be used as a fastening on an alternate piece of clothing. Even on your wedding day it can also fasten a fur wrap or pashmina.

Swarovski PearlSwarovski Pearl
Swarovski Pearl


How it works

Trainloop redefines how to hook up the train of your wedding dress. No sewing is required. It can be put on your dress at any point during the day and taken off too. Work out where is best for the hook and eye on your wedding dress.

Simply push the two pins through all of the long layers of your dress at the centre back. Secure both pieces with a clutch pin on the back.

When you are ready to hook up your train, bring the two pieces together, sliding the hook over the eye so it neatly slots into place. Either or both pieces can easily be moved into a different position too.


Made without compromise

Keen to use the very best quality crystals and pearls, we chose Swarovski to adorn the Trainloop.

Swarovski Pearl
Swarovski Pearl
Swarovski Pearl


How the trainloop works

A revolutionary new product, allowing you to hook your train up with ease.

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What our customers think

The TRAINLOOP is a godsend for bridal boutiques and brides. It solves the problem of how to lift a train after the ceremony without a single stitch.

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Swarovski Pearl
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